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The Boyes Turner Podcast - Spinal Cord Injury

Causes, concerns, rehabilitation and legal process

The Boyes Turner Podcast - Spinal Cord Injury

In this episode of the Boyes Turner Medical Negligence Podcast, Julie Marsh and Claire Roantree discuss spinal cord injury cases. As partners at Boyes Turner, Julie and Claire have extensive experience in dealing with cases involving spinal cord injuries and understand the challenges and concerns that clients face.

Julie and Claire discuss the common causes of spinal cord injuries that they see in their line of work, including cauda equina syndrome, tumours or cysts on the spine, and surgical errors. They also explore the concerns that clients have after experiencing a spinal cord injury, such as financial worries, returning to work, and what the future holds.

The benefits of bringing a legal claim are also discussed, including financial security for the future and access to specialist medical support. Julie and Claire provide valuable insights into what rehabilitation looks like for spinal cord injury patients and how access to rehabilitation can differ depending on the circumstances of the injury.

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone who wants to learn more about spinal cord injuries and the legal support available to those affected.

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