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Peristeen® Plus Transanal Irrigation System

For Managing Bowel Dysfunction (MTG36)

Peristeen® Plus Transanal Irrigation System

This document provides an in-depth introduction to the Peristeen® Plus transanal irrigation system for managing bowel dysfunction (MTG36), and serves as an overview of the guidance released by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). It outlines the significant cost implications of constipation to the NHS, and the profound impact this condition has on patients' mental and physical health, as well as their overall treatment efficacy.

The document also explores national guidelines and best practices developed over the past decades, offering a detailed review of advancements in neurogenic bowel dysfunction (NBD) treatments. The specific product information on Peristeen Plus, its efficacy as a bowel emptying technique, and its unique evaluation by NICE's Medical Technology Evaluation Programme (MTEP) are presented in detail. The importance of reading this document lies in its case studies and evidence-based approach, enabling healthcare professionals to understand the significance of this treatment and its potential benefits for patient outcomes.

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