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Menstruation to Menopause

A Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Woman’s Journey Round up

Menstruation to Menopause

The "Menstruation to Menopause – A Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Woman’s Journey" blog by Rhiannon Daniel is an enlightening resource, essential for medical professionals and women living with SCI. Hosted by the Spinal Injury Team at Bolt Burdon Kemp in collaboration with the Spinal Injuries Association, this series of webinars addresses vital topics often overlooked in SCI rehabilitation, such as puberty, sex, parenting, aging, and menopause.

The discussions, led by professional speakers and community members with real-life SCI experiences, offer invaluable insights and practical advice. From understanding the risks associated with tampon use to ingenious parenting hacks and navigating the complexities of aging with SCI, these webinars are packed with information that bridges a significant knowledge gap in women's health.

This blog not only raises awareness but also provides access to recorded sessions, making it a must-read (and watch) for those seeking comprehensive understanding and better management of women's health issues in the context of SCI. Accessing these webinars will empower readers with knowledge and strategies to improve care and quality of life for women with SCI.

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